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Unwanted pests can be more than a nuisance. They can cause serious health problems and allergies for your family and property damage to your home or business.

Tanler Termite and Pest Control offers both traditional and green pest control solutions to solve your pest issues once and for all. We offer monthly and bi-monthly plans as well as one-time treatments to serve your specific needs.

Your highly-trained Tanler Technician will identify and eliminate the pests inside your home as well as outside your home. We use the highest-quality pest control products and equipment on the market. If a pest problem pops up between your regular service appointment, we’ll return and take care of it free of charge.

Check out our online reviews. You’ll see that Tanler Termite has built a solid reputation in both residential and commercial pest control. Let us go to work for you to protect what matters most, your family and your home. We’ll solve your current pest problem and prevent the pests from coming back.

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Pest control technician performing a routine inspection

Pest Control Inspection

We conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify any pests on your property and the potential for future infestations. After the inspection we’ll recommend a service plan or a one-time treatment.

For general pest control, our service plans typically include spraying the perimeter of the home or commercial building, lawn granulation, spider web removal, and spraying baseboards and crevices of the home. We also apply bait gels and wall void treatments when necessary.

While the initial service will greatly reduce any pests on your property, pesticide treatments break down over time so it usually makes sense to schedule ongoing service to keep the pests from coming back.


While ants are usually more of a nuisance than anything else, they can quickly become a major nuisance.

Ants tend to enter the home looking for sources of food such as starchy and sugary items. Sometimes when it’s hot, they come inside homes looking for water.

Products that you can buy over the counter will kill the ants you spray. Unfortunately, once ants find their way into your home or business, they can invade in very large numbers that can be difficult to control without a professional.

Ants are known to infest areas around the house that contain starchy and sugary items. This can include garages, kitchens, sinks, trash cans, food cabinets, and storage areas.

It’s important to correctly identify different ant species as they have different behaviors. The technicians at Tanler Termite can quickly identify the ant species inside your home and solve your ant problems regardless of the species.

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Fleas usually attach themselves to common household pets such as dogs and cats. Once they have established a base of operations, they will start to bite humans. This can transmit illness to humans called cat flea rickettsiosis.

The easiest way to notice whether you have fleas in your home, besides getting bitten yourself, is when you start noticing your pets constantly itching and scratching themselves. A flea may spend its entire life feeding on your pet. Female fleas lay up to 50 eggs a day and the eggs hatch in under a week. All those eggs and new fleas make the problem very difficult to handle on your own.

Some pets even develop fleabite allergy dermatitis. This can send your pet into a fit of scratching and cause severe skin reaction. Fleas can also serve as hosts for tapeworms that can infest your pet when they groom themselves.

When you call Tanler at (888) 982-6537, we’ll send over a technician to do an inspection and determine the full scope of your flea problem.

Ridding your home of fleas can be an involved process. We will help you every step of the way. The treatment recommendation will usually include a preparation list that includes vacuuming and other sanitation procedures and having pets treated for fleas by a veterinarian.

The technician will then treat your home with FDA approved products to eliminate the fleas as well as insect growth regulator products to keep them from returning. With your approval, we can also treat your yard to eliminate fleas in your lawn as well as other common hiding places.

Call Tanler today for a free flea control estimate at (888) 982-6537


Spiders are a common pest found in homes and most are harmless to humans. Many spiders are actually beneficial to people because they are excellent predators that help to keep other pests under control.

However, species such as the black widow spider and brown recluse, can be dangerous to humans, particularly the elderly and children. There are also spiders that aren’t dangerous but cause irritating bites.

Different spider species vary greatly in size, appearance, and behavior. They mostly prefer places that people spend less time in, such as basements, attics, garages and storage spaces. Even when spiders find their way into the living areas of your home, they tend to be huddled in corners or hidden in crevices or under items.

When you notice multiple spiders inside your home, there are probably many more hidden just out of sight.

If you are concerned about a spider problem take note of the size of the spider’s body, color and general behavior such as where you see them and what time of day you see them.

We will help you find and eradicate your spider problem fast. Give Tanler Termite a call at (888) 982-6537


Cockroaches are fairly common around Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding communities. They prefer indoor locations where there is plenty of food, such as restaurants, houses, apartment buildings, warehouses, hospitals, and office buildings.

Cockroaches thrive in dirty and grimy conditions and they can also create these conditions in your home. Roaches leave unpleasant stains and odors on every surface they come in contact with. They also contaminate food and eating utensils.

There are products on the market to help you deal with a cockroach infestation on your own, but you are usually better off calling a professional to take care of the problem for you.

Cockroaches have evolved over millions of years and they can be extremely difficult to eradicate with over-the-counter methods. If you see one cockroach, it’s a safe bet that there are hundreds more hiding in the walls, under the floors, and other hiding places in your home.

If you want your cockroach problem handled quickly and efficiently, give Tanler Termite a call at (888) 982-6537


Bees can be very protective of their hive. Outdoor activities such as mowing the lawn or children playing in the yard can antagonize the bees protecting the hive which may lead to the bees swarming and stinging.

When a bee stings a person, the stinger often gets lodged in the skin of the victim. People who are allergic to bee stings can suffer a dangerous reaction.

On the other hand, bees are very important to plant life and our food supply. At Tanler Termite we use a bee friendly removal and relocation process to assist local honeybee populations.

This usually includes vacuuming and moving the swarm or hive to a bee friendly area where they can thrive as an important part of the environment.


While many wasps are solitary creatures that don’t pose much threat to people, social wasps can quickly take over an area and their stings can be very painful. Unlike bees that only sting once, wasp stingers remain intact so the wasp can sting repeatedly. While wasps also have the ability to bite, they rarely bite humans.

Wasps can build large nests and they will fight to defend it. If you come across a wasp nest, it is best to steer clear of it to avoid being swarmed. Swarms may also be found around trash cans, picnic areas and other places where ripe fruits and sugary treats are accessible.

Paper Wasps often make nests under eaves and other protected areas. Yellow Jacket nests are commonly found in abandoned rodent holes as well as cavities in walls, ceilings and roofs.

If you have a yellow jacket or paper wasp nest, the best approach is to call Tanler Termite to remove the wasps for you. This is especially important when dealing with large nest populations.

Call Tanler today for a no-cost, wasp control estimate at (888) 982-6537

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Rodent opening

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Culver City, CA - Rodent opening

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Rodent activity in crawl area.

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Drywood termite droppings at kitchen cabinets

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Redondo Beach, CA - Drywood termite droppings at kitchen cabinets

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Termite activity in drop ceiling area.

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Los Angeles, CA - Termite activity in drop ceiling area.

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Performing a subterranean termite treatment to the foundation with Altriset

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Los Angeles, CA - Performing a subterranean termite treatment to the foundation with Altriset

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Swarmer wings and frass at attic

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Lomita, CA - Swarmer wings and frass at attic

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