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Don’t risk having termites eat away at the structural integrity and the value of your Huntington Beach home. Tanler Termite has the help you need with everything from free termite inspections to fumigations and termite damage repairs. We even offer environmentally friendly termite control treatments and exterminator Huntington Beach to serve you.

Call (888) 982-6537 today to request a free termite inspection. You’ll find out if your home has termites and we’ll give you an upfront estimate to get rid of any termites that we find. If you’d like to save money on your termite service. Just print out the current coupon and present to your technician.

Termite Services You Can Trust

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to solve your termite problem. Our inspectors and technicians are standing by to help you to get rid of termites and other wood destroying organisms before they cause serious damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

You can trust us to get the job done right. Finding and eliminating the termites in your home is just the beginning. Our treatments also help to prevent the termites from coming back. If you think your home might be infested with termites, call Tanler Termite at (888) 982-6537 for a free termite inspection today.

Evidence of a Termite Infestation

Western Drywood Termites typically swarm in the Fall and Subterranean Termites usually swarm after it rains or other wet weather conditions in the Spring. During swarming seasons, termites leave their colonies to swarm and pair up to create new termite colonies.

Reproductive termites have wings that extend longer then their bodies. They look similar to flying ants except that their antennae are not bent at sharp angles and they have slightly wider bodies that don’t pinch at the waist. If you see termite swarmers inside your home or you see a lot of termite swarmers just outside your home, it’s smart to call for a termite inspection to make sure your home is not infested.

If you see piles of tiny pellets that look similar to grains of sand or you see mud tubes anywhere inside your home, attic, or subarea, there’s a good chance that you have termites. Call (888) 982-6537 today to request an appointment with one of our termite inspectors.

Exterminator Huntington Beach, CA

It can be a hassle dealing with different companies to handle all of your different pest control needs. There’s really no reason to set appointments with the different technicians, remember all of the different guarantees, and keep track of bills from several different companies.

Tanler Termite and Pest Control is your local full-service pest control company and Exterminator Huntington Beach. That means beyond termites, we can also provide you with general pest control, rodent control, rodent exclusion, and bedbugs control services. Tanler Termite is here for you as the leading termite and general pest control company in the Huntington Beach, CA area. We can serve all of your pest control needs including inspections, treatments, and rodent exclusion or Exterminator Huntington Beach. You can depend on the inspectors and technicians with Tanler Termite to always be respectful, reliable, and to provide you with outstanding service every time.

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To schedule a free termite inspection, call Tanler Termite @ (888) 982-6537

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