The holiday season is the time of year when family and friends come to visit. Every year, homeowners make careful preparations to ensure that their guests are comfortable and settled in. However, the winter months are also a time when the cold weather sends rodents scurrying to find a warm place to call home. Unfortunately, rodents often invade houses, and these uninvited vermin are the guests that everyone wants to send packing.

When homeowners are preparing to bring guests in, it is essential to make sure that rodents are kept out. Rats and other rodents are known to chew on electrical wires and could gnaw through Christmas lights or any other decorations with electrical cords. These pests could knock out power to a home, or worse, cause a fire.

Christmas cookies, stocking stuffers, and edible tree decorations can all attract rodents. With all the special food that is cooked or bought for the holidays, rats and mice are offered a limitless supply of goodies if they make it inside. No one wants to dig into a box of their favorite Christmas treat only to find that a mouse has already taken a nibble.

Rodents carry diseases, such as hantavirus, rotavirus, and salmonella. Also, rodent droppings, urine trails, dander, and hair can trigger asthma and allergies. People are already trying to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season, and they do not need their health compromised by the presence of rats and mice.

Mice, rats, and other furry pests are surprisingly skilled at getting inside a house. Rodents can enter a home through small cracks and holes, soft material, a broken window, the crawl space, a vent, or the roof. Mice, in particular, can fit their bodies through a gap as small as a quarter-inch in diameter. If people store ornaments or an artificial Christmas tree in their shed or garage, they could accidentally bring rodents into the house via boxes or in the tree. Holes and droppings in a box are an indicator that mice might be present. Even a freshly harvested Christmas tree could contain a rodent family.

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