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Unwanted pests can be more than a nuisance. They can cause serious health problems and allergies for your family and property damage to your home or business.

Are you looking for a new pest control company? Tanler Termite and Pest Control is the best in the business. We’re family-owned and operated, so we treat every customer like they are our own. Our team of pest control experts will help you with your termite problems, no matter how big or small. 

You can trust us to get rid of those pesky pests once and for all without breaking your bank account. Plus, there are never any contracts or hidden fees when it comes to working with us – ever! Get in touch with our customer care team today to get free inspections and estimates on all of our work.

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Pest Control Services Leimert Park

Tanler Termite delivers the highest quality and comprehensive termite treatments & pest control services in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. All types of pests can be eradicated using the best technologies and products on the market. Many of these we have invented. Our experts can treat pest problems down to the colony level. They can also predict local pest behavior using weather and climate patterns. It’s now easier than ever for you to eradicate your pest problem.

We are committed to providing customer-centered services. It’s important to us that our customers are happy, and we treat everyone as if they were our own family. That’s why we work hard at the Tanler Termite, so you can feel confident about your home and its protection against pests like termites! And we can affirm that we can resolve your pest issues due to our pest and termite control experts who are board-certified as well as associate-certified.

Our team is committed to serving you with all your pest control needs, including termite inspections, repairs, and infestation removal. We are also dedicated to educating our customers about the dangers of termites and how they can help protect their homes with routine treatment.

Contact us today to get started with your termite inspection. Our team of experienced termite inspectors is committed to serving you and protecting your home from these dangerous pests.

What is the most effective termite treatment?

Physical and chemical treatments can be used to get rid of termites.

Physical methods: The most effective way to get rid of termites is to cut down all the vegetation in the area where they live with sharp blades or other tools that cause direct damage, as well as remove any cover they have so they can’t build a new home (eucalyptus leaves being one example).

Chemical methods: Involve putting liquids on these pests’ mounds, but there isn’t enough evidence yet to say whether this is better than leaving them alone. We might find out more after more research is done.

Combined methods: The most effective treatment for termites is an amalgamation of two chemicals that kill termites in large numbers. They are referred to as termiticides and liquids. The most commonly used chemical is Termidor. It is a slow-release insecticide composed of an insecticide called Fipronil. It binds to termites, allowing them to travel through the zone treated which then transfers the chemical to the remaining part of the colony.

This kind of treatment is most effective when termites are moving through the property. The termite population is eliminated through the application of this product on one spot, stopping the spread of the infestation across the property.

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Our Preventative and Pest Control Management Service

Termite infestation protection covers the inside of your home if you have a termite problem that isn’t because you didn’t get enough preventive service or didn’t clean your house very well. It may be possible to extend this coverage for up to three years if your home is in an area that is at risk.

You should think about our termite home protection service if you’re afraid of them. This will not only keep pests away from your home but will also help you avoid having to pay for costly repairs. Termites are most likely to attack in the summer, which means you’ll need to be ready to defend yourself. The good thing is that you can clean your own house. But, if you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Remember, termite damage to your home can cost you a lot of money. The wood in your house can be eaten by termites all the time, even if you don’t know it. It’s important to get a termite inspection before you decide to sell your home. We’ll also help you choose the best way to deal with your problem, in addition to an in-depth inspection.

In the beginning, this may seem like a simple task. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these small creatures can ruin your house. It’s why it’s so important to check your home often. Making the time to look for termites is very important, and it will save you money on structural repairs. We have a lot of different options for inspecting commercial and residential properties. We also make sure that our termite-free homes will stay that way for at least a year.

If you’re like most people, the thought of termites infesting your home is downright terrifying. Not to worry though – our team at Tanler Termite can help! We offer a variety of services that will keep pests away from your home and protect it against damage. Don’t let those pesky termites take over your home – let us help you get rid of them for good!

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People who work for us know about the pests that live in Leimert Park, so they can figure out what’s going on, look for other problems, and give you the best, most comprehensive treatments that start working right away. Visit to schedule an appointment.

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