5 Simple Tips to Prevent Rat Infestations At Your Home And Office


Rats are not only pesky but also responsible for the transmission of many diseases. They feed on almost anything, burrow themselves in hard-to-reach spaces, and cause extensive structural damage to infested buildings. It is crucial to look out for the early signs of a rat infestation before it goes out of hand because rats can be difficult to exterminate. They are clever little creatures that can easily avoid traps, endure harsh living conditions, and reproduce quickly without being detected. 

The most obvious sign of a rat infestation is the presence of rat droppings. Fresh droppings are black and moist but as they dry out, they become gray and brittle. Rat excrements are usually found near food sources like drawers, cupboards, or even under the fridge. Check these places regularly to determine if there is an active rat infestation in your home or business.

Another common sign of a rat infestation is the presence of gnaw marks on cardboard, wood, fabric, and plastic materials. Rats are always looking for food so if you see holes on your drawers, cupboards, and floorboards, it is time to seek professional help from your local pest exterminator.

Residential and commercial property owners can rely on Tanler Termite and Pest Control for professional rat treatment in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. They are one of the most trusted pest control companies in California providing the local community with quality and affordable pest control solutions for more than 10 years.

Tanler Termite and Pest Control is pleased to share five simple tips to prevent rats from invading your home or business in California.

  • Keep your spaces clean and tidy. 

If your property is full of clutter, it becomes an ideal place for rats to thrive and multiply. Make sure to keep both your indoor and outdoor spaces tidy, and throw away old boxes, newspapers, and fabrics that can be used by rats as nesting materials.

  • Cut down the food supply.

Rats have a very good sense of smell so it is wise to store your food supplies in glass containers with tight-fitting lids. You should also put your leftover food inside the fridge as soon as possible and do not leave unwashed dishes on the sink overnight. 

  • Seal your home or business. 

One of the simplest but most effective ways of keeping your home or business free from rats is to seal it from the outside. Rats are very resourceful when it comes to finding food and can invade your property in many different ways, so make sure to seal obvious entry points to reduce the possibility of rat intrusion.

  • Set traps.

There are commercially available snap and electronic traps that can help you in keeping your home or business free from rats. We recommend buying mechanical traps instead of rodenticides because they are more environmentally friendly and a lot safer for your children and pets. 

  • Call your local pest expert.

Rats are not easy to exterminate because they are very good at hiding and can multiply very quickly. These are only some of the reasons why it is wise to hire a pest control expert to effectively eliminate health and safety risks and protect your property from extensive damage. 

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