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If you’re looking for an experienced company to install TAP Insulation in your attic, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve installed TAP Insulation in hundreds of homes in the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County. TAP Insulation is not only an excellent way to insulate your attic from outside pests, it is also a great way to cut down on energy costs. A third benefit is that it can even reduce outside noise from entering your home.

, TAP Insulation, Tanler Termite and Pest Control

Not only do we have the experience to do the job right, our TAP Insulation service includes sanitation of the area receiving the insulation as well as the removal of unsafe materials which can affect the health of people in your home.

TAP stands for:

  • Thermal
  • Acoustical
  • Pest Control

Thermal Benefits

It’s a cellulose based insulation that recycles old newspapers by grinding them in small pieces in such a way that the paper fibers interconnect to create tiny pockets of air within the insulation. This special type of insulation is just dense enough to stop the air flow while still light enough to trap heat like a powerful blanket in your attic. Since TAP Pest Control Insulation is more dense than traditional insulation, it does a better job at slowing the flow of air. This is most important during the cold winter months when the air flow from your home is strongest and you need your insulation to work it’s best. TAP Pest control Insulation carries the Energy Star seal of approval because it allows homeowners to save up to 30% on their annual energy bill. 

Acoustical Benefits

TAP Insulation also works well at reducing any sound that flows through the ceiling of your home. Sound flows easier through solid materials. The tiny air pockets created by the interconnected fibers of the TAP Insulation greatly reduce any sound that would be transmitted through the fibers. When you apply a thick layer of TAP Insulation in your attic, the transmission of typical outdoor noises is almost completely eliminated. 

Pest Control Benefits

A specialized form of Borate material is applied to the paper fibers during the manufacturing process of the TAP Pest Control Insulation. The borate is evenly distributed throughout all of the insulation material making it impossible for insects to crawl through the TAP Pest Control Insulation without contacting the borate particles. Once an insect comes in contact with the insulation material, the borate particles become connected to the insect. When the insects self-groom themselves, they ingest the particles. Those particles kill the insect by disrupting it’s digestive process causing the insect to starve.

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, TAP Insulation, Tanler Termite and Pest Control

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, TAP Insulation, Tanler Termite and Pest Control

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, TAP Insulation, Tanler Termite and Pest Control

, TAP Insulation, Tanler Termite and Pest Control



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