If you’ve noticed more bugs and pests around your home, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners face issues with bugs even if their homes are new and clean. There are several things you may be doing that are inviting bugs and termites into your home without even realizing it. The termite pros at Tanler Termite are here to help by offering these tips to homeowners. If you need termite control services in the Los Angeles area, give us a call.

  1. Leaving Outdoor Lights On – You’ve probably seen bugs swarming around street lights late at night. Many species of bugs are attracted to all kinds of light. You can prevent this by placing security lighting further away from your home, especially away from doorways. Turn off unnecessary porch lights or use special bulbs that are less attractive to insects at night. 
  2. Not Sealing Holes or Cracks – Small openings around your house serve as extra doors for termites and pests. The bigger the hole or crack, the more bugs that can get in. Even rodents can use holes less than half an inch wide to get into your home. Use materials such as caulk to seal the holes from both the inside and outside. 
  3. Using Cardboard Boxes – Termites, silverfish, and cockroaches love wood products like cardboard and paper. Instead, use air-tight plastic totes to store your items. These storage containers are harder to get into and do not provide a food source for the bugs.

Unfortunately, termites still may be able to find a way into your home even if you follow all of these rules. A professional termite control company can help identify additional entry points and offer customized solutions for your home or business. When you need termite control services in the Los Angeles area, call Tanler Termite

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