As temperatures drop, rodents are seeking out new, warmer places to call home. Unfortunately, rats and other vermin often venture into houses and quickly multiply, creating an infestation.

At the first signs of an infestation, a homeowner should enlist the services of an expert rodent control provider, such as Tanler Termite and Pest Control. Tanler uses a five-step process to eliminate an existing rodent problem and keep rodents from entering the home in the future.

First, a rodent inspector conducts a complete home inspection to locate infestations and identify any openings where rodents are getting in. A mouse can enter an opening that is a quarter-inch in diameter, and rats can gnaw through soft structural materials to gain access to a house. Tanler rodent inspections cover the following areas of a home: the exterior perimeter, crawl spaces and basements, garages, rooftops, attics, and under decks. Following the inspection, the rodent inspector will provide the homeowner with a report about what was discovered and an itemized estimate to solve the problems.

Next, Tanler technicians begin the cleanup and sanitation process. Rodents can cause significant damage and can litter a home with biological waste, soiled and trampled insulation, and tainted food. The vermin can even cause electrical shorts if they gnaw on a house’s wiring. Sanitation technicians remove any debris, feces, urine, and rodent contaminated materials. Then, they spray any contaminated areas with state-approved sanitizing and deodorizing products.

After the house is cleaned, Tanler Termite and Pest Control performs rodent exclusion. Any entry points discovered during the rodent inspection are properly repaired and sealed off so that rats and mice can no longer access the premises. Technicians use rodent-proof materials, including metal flashing, galvanized steel screens, and concrete.

Finally, the Tanler team traps any mice and rats in and around a home. Trapping is superior to poison bait as it eliminates potential odor problems.

Keeping people safe is an integral part of pest control. Tanler Termite and Pest Control proudly specializes in green pest control methods that utilize the most advanced techniques to make treatments both minimally intrusive and environmentally conscious. This rodent season, Los Angeles residents can trust Tanler to remedy infestations and restore their home.

A locally owned family business, Tanler Termite and Pest Control serves the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County with professional solutions for a variety of pest control scenarios. The company provides services for rodent exclusion, rodent control, termite inspection, termite treatments, termite fumigation, termite repairs, tap insulation, bed bugs, fleas, bees, wasps, cockroaches, ants, and spiders. For the convenience of customers, Tanler Termite and Pest Control offers free estimates, same-day or next-day service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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